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As an Associate Professor at EUiTM, she leads a team in innovative biomedical research, including neurofeedback analysis, biochemical signal processing, and synthetic intelligence. #IEEE Women In Engineering presented Khuan with the 2020 WIE Inspiring Member of the Year Award for her contributions to the engineering community. As the world’s largest technical skilled group, IEEE offers a number of methods to get involved with technical and local communities. These communities are active individuals in analysis and authorship, conferences, and important conversations about today’s most relevant technical subjects locally and globally. Sign up beneath and we will send you updates on all the new things going on on the earth of Pittsburgh’s tech sector.

In 1900, 41 percent of Americans labored in agriculture; by 2000, it was only 2 p.c. Likewise, the proportion of Americans employed in manufacturing has dropped from 30 p.c within the publish–World War II years to round 10 percent right now—partly due to growing automation, particularly during the Eighties. The United States of America has long been a beacon of hope for the world’s most oppressed peoples, and a voice for those who have been silenced. We have been especially vocal in regards to the Chinese Communist Party’s human rights abuses, which rank among the worst in the world. Withsensibleplanning andswift adoption of recent applied sciences, governments canstill make theplanet work.

That significantly improves the customer expertise because it permits your reps to supply a more personalised interaction. Instead of feeling the pressure of a growing case queue, customer support teams may be more thorough of their work and avoid pricey troubleshooting errors. Some roles that we can anticipate to see are chat specialists, social media specialists, and onboarding specialists. When customer success becomes table stakes like customer assist is at present, will probably be an thrilling time … Read the rest

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Factors to Consider when Choosing Towing Service

A lot of times we do not know whether we will need to call a towing service provider to come and help us and for that we are not always prepared to have one who is a call away. The time that we need towing services is always that time when we start looking around for an available towing service provider to work with which is not something noble and for that assuming you may need towing service in the urgently you will need to consider several factors before you choose to hire one to work with. On that note this article is going to be of great help to you a you select towing services as given below are key elements that you will need to put in mind when you are choosing towing service to use.

To open, consider the experience of the towing service provider. You have to go for a towing specialist organization that has been around for a long. This is because a towing service provider who has been around for such a long time will have a superior encounter. This will guarantee that you work with somebody who has the important aptitude and skill. To know these ask the towing specialist organization to show you their portfolio. With this, you will realize how long they have ineffectively offering their services. Your go-to towing service provider has to be one who has been in business for not less than a decade as they will be well experienced in the job they are doing.

Moreover, consider looking at the towing service provider accreditations. They ought to be authorized and authorized to function as a towing specialist organization. This will reveal to you that the towing service provider has an … Read the rest

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Points to focus on the perfect signature filling company

Do you want to be certain that you get to hire the perfect and top signature filling company in the market today? Well, what risks are you willing to take just so that you will be able to find that company? Surely, you are already aware that there are tons of these companies in the market today and every company has its own pros and cons. Now, if you want to be certain that you will get to hire the top and finest company only, then, you have to study deeply each and every company out there and familiarize the characteristics that these companies has so that you will be able to compare which among them is the perfect one for you. Now, the characteristics that you have to look for in a company will be discussed and elaborated further below.

Attitude – how well does the company treat their clients? Do they see to it that their clients are satisfied and pleased with their service? Most importantly, does the company respects the decision and opinions of their clients? You have to evaluate briefly the attitude that the company gives off to their clients and towards you as you do your study on them. Make sure that you only hire a company that shows good behavior so that you will not have a difficult time in having them as your partner.

Legit – legit companies are only those companies who have obtained their license to operate their businesses. For sure, you would not want to hire unlicensed and unregistered companies because that will only ruin your reputation. So, as an investor, it is your responsibility to make sure that the company that you will be hiring has really obtained their license … Read the rest

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The top performing couple counseling company that you need

What do you think are the things that you need to learn in searching for the top performing couple counseling company Are you aware that there are a number of things that you need to be familiar with in your quest? In our time today, a lot of people find it quite difficult to find for the best couple counseling company because of the abundant options that are being offered in the market. That is why you have to be aware of the different factors that make a company the best in the field so that you will not have a difficult time in distinguishing which company out there must be hired. Now, these factors that you have to look for will be taught to you in this article so you better read and understand everything that will be written below because these features are very important and you have to be well oriented by these.

First and foremost, you must try to check and assess the cost of the products and services that are being offered by these couple counseling companies. It is important that you are fully aware of the possible expenditures that you will be having so that you will know immediately if you can suffice financing that particular company or not. Also, do not forget that your goal for this search is to look for companies that offer affordable prices for their products and services so that you can definitely say that you have made the right decision and that you have spent your money wisely.

Second, you are also required to check and evaluate the license of the couple counseling company that you will be hiring. For sure you would love to limit your search among … Read the rest

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Choosing Best Company for Signature and Filing Services

You might be in the market stranded trying to seek relevant services that will fit you and that can be hard for you if you are new in the field. For you to be served in a better way, it will be fit if you are guided on the agencies you need to choose and that will depend on the skills you have. It can be a challenge for you to choose the best agencies as well as they are many and below are the top tips to follow when you need to choose the best at any place you will be.

To start with, it is essential that you consider the cost of the services. If you are in the market stranded, it can be a challenge for you to come up with a way that will be fit. The agencies we have are many and the fees set for the service are usually different when you need them. It will be profitable if you choose an agency that will be affordable for you in the service and that will be easy if you compare the estimated charges asked when you are in the field. At times, you might find that the agencies we have are few and that will make them hike their prices and that should call for you seeking the services from a different place.

It will be vital if you consider the location of the agency. The services you need could be scattered globally but arriving at the best will take your knowledge in the field. The location the agency takes will matter the services you get and having a reliable firm will start from that. Considering that the services you need should be fast, it is … Read the rest

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Tips for Choosing the Best Travel Agents.

The travel industry has become very sophisticated and especially nowadays. This has its positive side such that the once that used to be a chaotic task of traveling has been transformed into a simple task. The traveling industry is thriving and getting more organized, there are many travel agents and also representatives who are recruited to help people with their travel arrangements. The travel agents are dedicated to helping you with every detail if you choose to trust them to organize for your travel arrangements. Travel agents will take charge of all your travel arrangements and all other needs that might arise regarding your travel.
These agents have crucial information regarding the different travel places that you can travel to.

There are a lot of details involved when traveling and in addition to ensuring that you have packed everything that you need for your trip, you need to be certain that your transport, accommodation, drinks, and refreshments are catered for. If you choose to hire travel agents to help you with your travel arrangements, you need to ensure that you find the best.

You have to find the right travel agent on time and especially if you are traveling during the festive season. It is important to start early so that the travel agents can help you to plan for your trip, these experts will also come through with special discounts and bargains so that you can save. They can help you to book for your airline tickets with discounted rates and especially during the festive season when they can buy the tickets in bulk and hence get discounts.
When you book for your travel through the travel agent, they save you time, you will not have to do research on where to … Read the rest

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Prominent Advantages of Auto Detailing

There exist various reasons why you are probably going to mull over portable vehicle washing. Among them is the time notwithstanding the sparing that is included. It feels great to realize that your vehicle won’t take as much time as necessary from your bustling timetable to consider for cleaning. Accordingly, you are fit for utilizing all your time at your working environment or at home, completing the fundamental obligations. Considering a versatile auto detailing for your vehicle promises you the accompanying benefits.

Despite the fact that you probably won’t utilize your vehicle routinely, you need to take it to the closest vehicle washing firm one of the days. For the situation you have a bustling timetable, it may be somewhat testing to save your time for your vehicle to be washed. Hence, if by any stretch of the imagination, it is feasible for you to get an individual who can come precisely where you are is probably going to be a favorable position.

Then again, considering a versatile assistance is an incredible favorable position as you are guaranteed of sparing a great deal of money. There exist a lot of portable specialist organizations out there. Accordingly, they will in general contend with each other on the cost and nature of services. This will permit you to choose a specialist co-op who promises you superb services at a value that is reasonable. In the case you wish to learn more, consider to visit this site or others written by varying writers.

More to that, looking for the services of versatile specialist co-ops is a favorable position as it promise you an opportunity to demand redid services. The experts are fit for offering you that you are thinking about to have. You may arrange exceptional services that … Read the rest

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Which among the Right law firm Companies is the Best suited for you?

We all know that there are a lot of companies out in the market that all serve the same purpose, to provide a service that you wish to have. Although there are plenty of companies open in the market right now, does not mean it’s going to be any easier to find the best one in the market. So, what you will need is a strategy on which you can use in order to ease determine which indeed is the best company among the other companies in the market. Therefore, reading this article is indeed effective and beneficial in your case, as this article will guide you to make the correct decisions during your selection-process phase. Moreover, before you start your search, be sure to be prepared mentally as the search will take a toll on you. it is better to be prepared in order to not be stressed later on.

1. Possession of license or permit.
It is highly recommended that you research well regarding the company’s legitimacy, see to it that they are indeed operating legally and that they have no illegal activities or bad rumors that occurred in the past. You can search and know about this online, if ever you cannot find such things in the internet, you can ask people around about their legitimacy. Once you have proved that the company is indeed legit and does possess a license, then you can be rest assured that you will be hiring a great company. You have to remember, only choose the company that is legal or licensed as your choice of company and nothing else than that.

2. Experience attained by the company.
Assessing how good the company is can be considered a … Read the rest

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Tips to Choose the Best Library Furnishing Experts

Are you thinking of furnishing your library? Well, you ought to find the best experts for these services. Furnishing your library will not only make the room ambient, but it will also make the room comfortable and improve the value of your property. As a client with hundreds of experts out there that offer library furnishing service, how do you tell these are the experts for the job? Here a few of the elements that you need to ponder so that you can hire the finest professionals for your library furnishing services.

The first element that you need to consider is referrals. Talk to your friends, family members and professional contacts about your plan of hiring library furnishing experts. Word of mouth is among the powerful tools that can help you land the best library furnishing professionals. As a client therefore before you go out there to look for the best experts to offer you these services, it is important you talk to people that have worked with library furnishing experts and ask them to recommend the best contractors. Gathering your recommendations from trustworthy folks, you are guaranteed that you are going to make the right decision.

The second element that you need consider is doing your own research. Before you settle for a company for your library furnishing services, you need to make sure that you have done a background check on the potentials companies so that you can settle for experts who are well knows for the services they are offering. Research is worth conducting as it gives you enough information that can help you make the right decision. Ensure that you have read thousands of feedbacks from customers so that you can have insights on the kind of services … Read the rest

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Why you Need to Deal with a Good Daycare Center

The jobs that a parent has are so many as you are the one who will be supposed to make sure that you take care of the house that you have and as well be able to look for the food that you are going to eat with the people that you are staying with and then when you have the small kids you are the one who will be expected to take care of them at all times. There are the things that you can be able to do while still being able to take care of that small kid that you have and then there are the ones that you are going to have a hard time doing them with the kids that you have and that is where you are needed to make sure that you are going to find the best option that will be good for you and also for the kid that you are going to have. Among the many things that you are going to have a hard time doing with the kids that you have will be the job that you have as going with the kid to the office may be hectic because he will want to be with you most of the time and that is something that will be able to limit the way that you are going to serve the customers that you have and for that reason you are needed to make sure that you leave the kid with someone else and go to the office alone then the time that you will be coming from work you can be able to pick him up and go with him home where you are going to spend time … Read the rest